Научно-практический журнал Клиническая лабораторная диагностика

CJSC “ECOlab” is a modern industrial enterprise

Manufacturer of diagnostic kits and medicines. More than 400 items of diagnostic kits.

The company produces enzyme immunoassays and other medical diagnostic kits used in vitro in the diagnosis of infectious and non-infectious pathologies, kits for biochemical studies, as well as medicines.

The enterprise expands its production and scientific base. Erects new production workshops and research laboratories equipped with the latest science and technology that comply with GMP requirements. It builds spacious classrooms, sports facilities, auxiliary buildings. It operates its own diagnostic center that provides medical services to the population of the city. Establishes nationwide subsidiary distribution and manufacturing companies.

ECOlab provides diagnostic kits to almost all clinical diagnostic laboratories of the Russian Federation. Medical products are delivered to Belarus, Kazakhstan. Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan.

ECOlab employees closely cooperate with leading institutes and manufacturers in Russia, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, and France.

Scientific and Production Society “ECOlab” is proud of its scientists-candidates and doctors of sciences, graduates.

Thanks to effective scientific and organizational activities, the enterprise has become the focus of scientific thought in the field of clinical laboratory diagnostics of socially significant diseases. There is a scientific and technical council, a joint department of pharmacy and laboratory medicine has been created. A number of young scientists are studying at postgraduate courses at leading institutes in Moscow. The specialists of the enterprise participate in the work of specialized domestic and foreign scientific forums, Conferences and Exhibitions.